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In the modern-day, when you have been watching many movies, series, or anime on your phone or TV, it’s difficult to organize the media, so here Syncler App comes up with the idea of doing so; it will let you browse and sync your watching data on your TV phone or tablet. Syncler Apk is a very user-friendly app that allows you to search and browse your favorite movies or series with just a single tap. It is compatible with Android mobiles. It gives a short description of all the media present on the app. To use it more efficiently, you have to log in with your email ID and give it a password; meanwhile, you have to pay$1.25 per month, and you can watch all the series, anime, or movies present on it.

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Syncler Apk Streaming Features


Syncler Android App provides you with a very user-friendly interface where you can search for various movies, series, and anime. The interface is easy to understand, and anyone from the age of 6 to 60 that easily use it.

Latest content

Syncler Plus consists of the latest movie, series, and anime on its app, so you don’t have to visit different websites or apps to watch your favorite movie; you are a single tap away, and on one platform, you’ll get everything.


all the content is organized manner. Different genres are placed separately; for example, a genre like romances contains all the content of romantic movies, web series, and anime. This allows the user to explore her favorite genre and suggest related media.

Autoplay/Auto next

Syncler Application auto-plays the next episodes in the web series or next movie. You can even add your favorite movie to your watchlist so that you can continue from there.

Movie information

Updated Syncler has the latest movies in it. Along with that, it provides all the information about the content, such as time, date, and a brief description of the content; it also provides its rating from different sources.

It has an auto-update feature that improves the app’s functioning and fixes bugs.

Advantages of a Syncler Apk

      • It is a user of friendly
      •  It has content in an organized manner
      •  It has the latest content, which is available on a single platform.

Some additional features- you can make a watchlist, hide caught content, delay up next, different languages for the app, subtitles, admin passcode restart, kill, password, etc.

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Syncler App FAQ

On which devices is it available ?

It is available on Android mobiles, tablets, and smart television.

Is it safe ?

Yes, Syncler provides safety to all its users. No one’s data is compromised on this app.

Is it available on a smart TV ?

Yes, the app is available on smart TV with a unique interface for TV, which makes it more attractive.

Is Syncler legal ?

Yes, Syncler Android App is 100% legal.

Does the continent available in 4K ?

Yes, some of the contents are available in 4K, but not all.

Where is Syncler app available ?

You can Download Syncler Apk directly on Play Store or download it from any browser in apk form.

How to delete all the information you provided on the app ?

There is an option of restarting and killing data that you can easily use to delete all your data.

What is the price of the subscription ?

Syncler App Subscription is $1.25/mo.

Syncler App provides packages, and you can also add one package that allows you to stream, or you can either install it or develop this on your own. For full developer documentation, please visit the official Syncler website.

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